You can contact us via SMS, WhatsApp at +39 388 077 2066 from Monday toFriday from 09:00 -19: 00 and Saturday from 09.00 to 12.00, or by email to servizioclienti@petboutique.it Even the weekend, we will reply in the shortest time possible

Petboutique works to update the list of the most frequent questions, hereinafter the answers:

Send in my area?

Shipments are made throughout Italy. To be informed on the updates, visit the shipping and delivery section. During the order by inserting the CAP you will know if your area is served in a normal way or falls into a disadvantaged area. 

Are there delivery problems?

Normally no, however in particular periods of the year, couriers can have a traffic such as to cause some delay, but always all shipments will be delivered. It will be our attention to the information on the information on the periods of high traffic for couriers.

When will you send my order?

All orders are shipped within the day of receipt, if an agenda has standard shipping and is received by 12.00 the day of the reception will start, otherwise the next working day.

The orders with the Express shipping service will start during the day if received by 17.00,otherwiseThe next working day.

What are the delivery times?

In general, delivery takes place within 24 hours of delivery to the shipper in Northern Italy, within 36 in the South Center and within 48 in Calabria and major islands. In the minor islands and in disadvantaged areas normally the delivery time reaches 4 working days. Obviously there are standard times that may undergo changes from case to case.

I have not received order confirmation emails, why?

The order confirmation email is automatically sent at the time of closing the order. Check that you have recorded with a correct email and check in the spam or unwanted mail section of your mailbox. If you have not found the order confirmation email, contact our customer service after these checks.

I have not received the email with the tracking, why?

If you have not received the email with the tracking it is likely that your order has not yet been sent. If in the historic orders present in your account you find the indication sent, check in the spam or unwanted mail section of your mailbox.

If you have doubt or want to get more information than a specific product checks the product sheet well and the details tab, usually all the information is made of the manufacturer, however if you find no answer to your doubts/curiosities write to servizioclienti@petboutique.it, we will reply as soon as possible.

The product I want is not currently available. Can I order it anyway?

Unfortunately, for technical limits, the system cannot take charge of orders for products not present in the warehouse. But you can write to us toservizioclienti@petboutique.it or call us to place a telephone order.

What is Petboutique's newsletter?

Normally the news letter is made to send both information to both information (information, news, well -being, education, laws and regulations related to the world of PET) for promotional (discounts) and communication regarding new articles or brands in the catalog.

How can I be informed about your special offers?

You can always keep up to date by subscribing to our Newsetter. We will regularly send you a commercial email with all the latest offers and the newest products. The mailing containing the special offers is usually sent every week.

How can I cancel myself from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from Petboutique's mailing at any time by sending us an email, or through the cancellation link present in each of our newsletters.

Can I indicate a shipping address other than the billing?

Yes. The order can be delivered to the address you desired, for example that of your office. You can manage your addresses directly from your account.

I received a defective article. What should I do?

Read the policy of RWell yes and contact customer service

Which courier do you use?

We use the service of the express couriers of our trust (GLS, BRT)

Will you inform me when the order will be sent?

Yes, as soon as the goods are escaped from our warehouse you will receive an e-mail shipping confirmation to the address you have indicated during the order.

Is there a minimum or maximum order value? 

There is no minimum of order, but if the order is less than 69 euros, shipping costs are counted (See dedicated page)

I performed the order and I have not yet received shipping notification. What should I do?

If 24 hours have passed, send an email to ordini@petboutique.it By indicating in the object the order and in the body of the email your data and contact preferences. You will be contacted in the shortest possible time. 

Can I delete my order?

The cancellation is provided for orders that have not yet been processed by the warehouse. The canceled order will be reimbursed to you net of the commission expenses applied by the payment gateway which amount to 3.5%. Read the dedicated page 

Shipped throughout Italy?

Yes, we carry out deliveries throughout Italy, including minor islands, high mountain resorts and disadvantaged areas

Can my order be delivered on a date and/or now precise or by appointment?

Orders with the Express option will be shipped with the "Book the delivery" option. It will receive an SMS from the courier that allows you to choose the date and time slot for delivery. In the SMS body there will be a link through which you will be redirected to the Corriere website on a page where it will be possible to request a specific date and time.

I received a wrong article. What should I do?

See page of rendered.

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment can be made through:

- Paypal through your account;

- Paypal Pay option in 3 installments;

- credit card (Visa, Mastercard);

- Satispay;

- Shop pay;

- bank transfer (anticipated)

Petboutique uses cutting -edge payment systems in terms of safety and reliability

We do not make orders in cash on delivery. We're sorry


Are the online stores obligation to issue the invoice for each purchase?

No. The sales activity carried out by e-commerce is assimilated by sale by correspondence. There is no invoice obligation, unless this is expressly requested by the Customer at the time of the purchase operation, according to the provisions of art. 22 of the Presidential Decree 633/1972.

To request the invoice, just send a request toservizioclienti@petboutique.it indicating:

  • the order number;
  • Name;
  • SDI or PEC code

I have doubts for the sizes or on the characteristics of a product, how do I do it?

Before placing the order, write to us by emailservizioclienti@petboutique.it Or through WhatsApp our customer service will support you in all stages of your purchase.

If I needed, we made a mini guide for the sizes. Download it here