Tornare al Lavoro dopo le Vacanze: Consigli per Gestire il Ritorno alla Routine con il Tuo Fedele Amico a Quattro Zampe


Le vacanze estive sono sempre un momento di relax e divertimento, ma alla fine arriva il momento di tornare alla vita lavorativa. Se hai un cane in casa, il ritorno alla routine quotidiana può essere un po' complicato, sia per te che per il tuo amico a quattro zampe. In questo articolo, esploreremo alcune strategie e suggerimenti su come gestire il ritorno al lavoro dopo le vacanze per chi ha un cane in casa.

Acana and Orijen acquired by Mars: doubts about the future of the products


The acquisition of Champions Pet Food by Mars raises legitimate concerns about the quality and formulation of the products. Consumers must be aware of the possible changes that could occur and request transparency from Mars. It is essential that Mars maintains quality standards and continues to offer nourishing and healthy products for pets. Consumers must remain vigilant to ensure that the Champions Pet Food products maintain their high quality reputation despite the changes in the owner company.

Prices for pet food in Italy: prospects for 2023


The prices of food food in Italy have undergone an increase during 2022, mainly due to the increase in the costs of the ingredients and the growing demand. In 2023, this trend will continue, with a possible further increase in the costs of the ingredients and a greater demand for Human Grade products. In addition, the attention of consumers on the labeling and transparency could affect prices, since companies will have to adopt measures to provide more detailed information on their products. Consumers should be aware of these trends and carefully evaluate the available options, taking into account their specific needs and quality-price ratio.

Pet food: market trends and guidelines


The orientation of the purchase of pet food with Human Grade ingredients is a growing trend in the pet food market. Pet owners are increasingly attentive to the quality of the ingredients and seek products that reflect their own nutrition and lifestyle choices. Foods with Human Grade ingredients offer quality, safety and higher nutrition, providing the owners with the confidence of providing their animals with a healthy and high quality diet.