About Us




Pet Boutique is the online store designed for the owners of animals who wish to offer the best to their faithful 4 -legged friends.

The concept that led from the beginning the launch of Pet Boutique was precisely this: to make available to the owners most attentive to the well -being of their animals a single space in which to find all the best products to "pamper" their beloved pets .

We offer a wide selection of food, clothing, accessories and products for beauty, health and hygiene for dogs and cats. All our products are carefully chosen from among those of the highest quality available on the market and provided by suppliers that respect the environment and animals.

But what does "4 -legged luxury" mean for us?

The "luxury" is, above all, synonymous with excellence.

For us, 4 -legged luxury means guaranteeing our customers only high quality products, made only with first choice ingredients and materials. We commit ourselves to promoting Italian artisan companies that are distinguished by excellence in the creation of quality products and which using eco -sustainable processes e cruelty-free

Our mission is to bring the maximum well -being possible to the life of dogs and cats. For this, we create a real online boutique for pets, offering only quality products selected for their functional and qualitative characteristics.

Join our community and make your four -legged friend a classy animal!

 In addition, we are attentive to the less fortunate and we have set up the Pet Welfare project to help associations and volunteers who work actively to help our four -legged friends.