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Duvets Save the Duck

2022/23 collection


Cut Length at the withers Chest circumference Neck circumference
28 28 37 cm - 45 cm 26,5 cm
32 32 43 cm - 51 cm 31 cm
36 36 48 cm - 58 cm 39 cm
40 40 54 cm - 64 cm 41,5 cm
44 44 59 cm - 70 cm 44 cm
50 50 62 cm - 75 cm 51 cm
55 55 66 cm - 79 cm 52 cm
60 60 70 cm - 84 cm 55,5 cm
65 65 72 cm - 89 cm 61,5 cm

The sizes are indicative only, as they depend on the dog's build. The most accurate measurement is the length at the withers, i.e. the distance between the base of the neck and the base of the tail.

Some references:

  • Size 28: Chihuahua, Pinscher
  • Size 32: Maltese, Toy Dachshund
  • Taglia 36: Jack Russell, West Highland
  • Size 40: French Bulldog, Cocker
  • Size 44: Lagotto Romagnolo, Bulldog
  • Size 50: Dalmatian, Setter
  • Size 55: Australian Shepherd
  • Taglia 60: Boxer, Dobermann
  • Taglia 65: Weimaraner, Golden Retriever

The garments feature a Wind upper covering, smooth in 100% recycled polyester covered with a polyurethane layer which guarantees excellent waterproofing and breathability performance. Furthermore, the Giga padding in very high density nylon fabric, extremely soft and thin but at the same time resistant, protects from water and air, absorbs humidity and dries quickly. In fact, the double coating makes the coats versatile clothing items suitable for all seasons.
For each coat sold, 20% of sales will be donated to Save The Dogs, an Italian association founded in 2002 by Sara Turetta, which carries out interventions to combat stray dogs and canine and feline overpopulation in Italy and Romania.
Save the Duck, which has always been at the forefront of respecting and protecting animals, supports the activities of the Save the Dogs association with a collection entirely dedicated to our four-legged friends.
Save the Dogs and other Animals is an Italian association created to respond to the emergency involving stray dogs in Romania. Save the Dogs and other Animals acts in the area through first aid activities for dogs and cats who will later be adopted by families abroad.
The association also takes care of animals that are unable to leave the Cernavoda shelter quickly through a long-distance adoption program that offers them the opportunity to receive care, food and love. By purchasing a Save the Duck item for Save the Dogs you will allow a dog to experience a warm winter at the Save the Dogs shelter in Cernavoda in Romania.
The collection is made up of colorful dog coats made with a padded internal part that ensures warmth and protection from the cold, and a waterproof external part to protect the animals from the elements. They adhere perfectly to the animal's body thanks to the harness and elastic bands placed on the inside of the thigh.
Save the Duck will donate all the profits from sales of the dog coat to the Save the Dogs long-distance dog adoption program.