Croci - Turquoise Everest Hiking Waterproof Jacket

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Eco -friendly

Hiking Everest Grey

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Raincoat for Dogs, ideal even on the coldest days thanks to the special thermo fleece lining, it promotes thermal insulation, the comfort of the garment and facilitates thermoregulation while maintaining breathability. The waterproof treatment of the external fabric protects the dog from rain and wind.

 The garment is robust, silent and adapts to the dog's movement. Reflective details increase your dog's visibility even in low light conditions.
Equipped with an anti-drop collar, it adapts to every body shape thanks to the drawstring on the waist, tail and neck.
The collar lining made of synthetic eco fur can also be worn turned inside out, offering a touch of elegance to the garment. Recommended with temperatures equal to or above 0 degrees.

Suitable for taking our four-legged friends on the snow.