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Waterproof Hiking Hymalaya

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Hiking Hymalaya Raincoat for Dogs is a waterproof and windproof jacket/suit, thanks to the special lining that moderates thermal dispersion and regulates the animal's body temperature, it is ideal even on the coolest days.
The surface fabric is robust, silent and adapts to the dog's movement. Reflective details increase your dog's visibility even in low light conditions.

Also specific for bringing our four-legged friends on the snow

Equipped with adjustments on the waist and legs, thus adapting to various lengths. Hole on the back suitable for the passage of the leash connected to both collars and harnesses.
Hiking Hymalaya is a waterproof suit particularly appreciated even by large dogs who don't like to dress because it is comfortable and silent when worn.
Equipped with a waterproof zip on the back.
Recommended for use with temperatures higher than 5 °C, or with colder temperatures if the dog does not need to be protected from the cold but only from rain and wind