Croci - GreyHound Green waterproof jacket

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Eco -friendly

GREYHOUND GREEN model waterproof jacket 

ATTENTION: End of series sales 
In case of return you will be able to choose between the available sizes and colors. In case this is not possible replacement the amount paid will be refunded via voucher net of shipping costs.

Perfect fit for greyhound. Inspired by the trendiest fashion brands of the moment to always be fashionable. Maximum fit thanks to the leash hole, the elastic under the thigh for paws and the adjustable tear-off fabric.

Waterproof and with internal faux fur lining.

– Adjustable with hook and loop fabric
– Hole for leash
– Elastic for paws
– Hole for bib
- waterproof
– Internal eco fur lining

How to choose the size of the coat for your dog?

To choose the correct size of the dog's t-shirt, raincoat or coat, you need to measure, with a centimeter in hand, the distance from the withers to the tail along your dog's back, i.e. the distance in centimeters from the dog's neck to the tail.

The measurement must be carried out starting from the base of the neck up to the beginning of the tail. During the measurement phase, make sure that the dog is standing correctly and upright on its paws.

Based on the measurement taken, select the most correct size of coat.

Example: my dog's back measures 35 cm and the coat I want to buy is packaged in sizes 34 cm and 38 cm: I will have to order size 38 so that the coat fits my dog ​​correctly because size 34 would be small.