Almo Nature HFC Complete Dog - ham with peas

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Complete hfc
Ham with peas
Dog food almo Nature HFC Dog complete are prepared with 100% HFC ingredients, or originally suitable for human consumption now used as dog food. The recipes are integrated with minerals and vitamins to ensure the dog's correct nutritional balance, guaranteeing it everything he needs daily. The 6 recipes were designed to offer the greatest possible variety, both in terms of taste and protein sources. The consistency is that of a pate that is perfect for dogs of all sizes. Almo Nature HFC Dog Complete is a range of foods that offers dogs that do not want to eat the croquettes - small size, with teething problems or because of difficult tastes - complete humid foods. Almo Nature recommends alternating complete wet food and croquettes to encourage chewing and its benefits for teeth and digestion. All the Almo Nature HFC Dog References are Grain Free.
Almo Nature defines as "HFC" according to the regulation of (EC) N. 1069/2009 Art. 10 paragraph a)