In vacanza con gli animali

On holiday with animals

Adelchi Rainone

On holiday with animals, what to bring on your trip

A small guide with the essential accessories 

Here we are, the summer is approaching, Italy (almost all) has entered the yellow zone and we can start thinking about organizing the first weekends away.

What could be better, for us and for our little four-legged friends, than a day or a weekend in an open-air place?

To enjoy this time, however, you need to choose the right accessories to bring with you.

Accessori, must to have

Let's start with the obvious things, the health card obviously, thewater, his favorite food and why not, for half-day trips natural replacement bars. You can find a list of useful accessories for your trips with your friends here. 

One thing that is always good to carry with you is one natural spray to supplement the pesticide, if you stay in a place particularly full of ectoparasites and sandflies whose preferred habitats are wooded ecosystems and humid areas or with stagnant water.

We need to pay close attention to the areas that are chosen for our friends to stay or play, avoiding particularly "natural" areas, for example tall grass where there may be forasacs, fleas and ticks. We must keep in mind that when we bring our friends to the open area, exclusively natural protections are not sufficient, but protection must be used pesticides, and be sure they are still in full coverage.

We have prepared a selection of products that may be useful to you, click Who