Come comportarsi durante le feste con i nostri pelosetti

How to behave during the holidays with our furry friends

Adelchi Rainone

Anyone who owns a pet knows that during the holidays, due to the increased confusion due to visits from friends and relatives and the perception of new noises or even fireworks, the usual home may no longer be perceived as the safe place that our friends know, generating anxiety and stress.

Well, don't worry, there are remedies to make your friend feel that he is in the "usual place" safe, protected and surrounded by affection.

Adopt a few small precautions that can help you ensure that your party does not become a trauma for your furry friend:

  1. Create a space tailored for him that is reassuring and familiar, perhaps with his own sit! favorite and his games.
  2. While the fireworks are going off, distract your dog, let him play, pet him, offer him something stimulating to focus on, such as a chew toy, a stress reliever, offer him some snacks in order to attract his attention and distract him from the noise.
  3. Try to attenuate the fireworks with background noise, turning up the volume on the radio or TV a little more.
  4. Reassure your furry friend, hold him close to you and pet him, this will help him understand that there is nothing to fear.

You have to be careful, i prizes they should only be given to reward normal, calm behavior. Even if you would like to comfort him, when he barks or hides, you have to be strong and distract him with games or caresses. Giving him the treat during displays of fear or anxiety could make the situation and his reaction worse.