Natural Code Light 03 tonne and carrots


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Light 02 sea bream and apple

Pack of 4 cans

The tasty association of tuna and sea bream is ideal for a light recipe. The sea bream, in fact, belongs to the group of lean fish, is rich in noble proteins, and also provides essential fatty acids of the Omega 3 series, particularly important in the cat's feeding. The apple provides fibers useful for the proper functioning of the intestine. The reduced caloric content of the recipe is ideal for keeping your cats in shape with taste.

42.86% tuna 2.86% sea bream 2.86% apple 1.43% rice

Analytical components:

Humidity  84,52%
Rough protein 12,45%
Raw fat 0,2%
Raw ashes 0,96%
Raw fiber 0,08%
Kcal/100 gr 51,52