SCALIBOR Dog collar

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SCALIBOR PROTECTOR BAND - pesticide collars for DOG

  • prevention of tick infestations for 6 months.
  • prevention of flea infestations for 4 months.
  • prevention of sand flies sting for a period of 5 months.
  • prevention of mosquito bites (culex pipiens pipiens) for a period of 6 months.
  • small and medium size 48 cm.
  • large size 65 cm.

Deltamethrin 4%

Scalibor dog collar is a pesticide that repels sand flies and helps reduce the risk of contracting a very serious disease: leishmaniasis.

Once worn, Scalibor releases its active ingredient, deltamethrin, day after day, which is distributed on the dog's skin, offering protection for the entire season.

This innovative technology "hooks" the deltamethrin to the dog's skin.