MSD Exspot for dogs 6 Pipettes

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scadenza 12/2023

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MSD EXSPOT Antiparasitic for DOG

Spot-on antiparasitic solution for dogs for external use. It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of external parasites

A single spot-on product against ticks, fleas, sandflies, mosquitoes, lice and flies, thanks to the repellent action of its formula based on high concentration Permethrin (65%).

One administration for protection up to 4 weeks.

Protection also demonstrated against sandflies, which can transmit leishmaniasis.

There are two packs: the one with 6 1 ml pipettes for small dogs and the one with 6 2 ml pipettes for larger dogs.

Size of the dog Dose
2.5 to 14 kg 1 pipette of 1ml
15 – 29 kg 2 pipettes of 1 ml
1 pipette of 2 ml
30 – 40 kg 3 pipettes of 1 ml
41- 55 kg 2 pipettes of 2 ml

Provides protection from re-infestation for up to 4 weeks.