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Chronic and temporary renal failure

Adjuvant for congestive heart failure.

The ideal nutritional support for the well -being of dogs and cats
Farmina Vet Life is the exclusive Farmina line specifically designed for clinical nutrition.
Making use of the precious collaboration with the chair of nutrition and animal nutrition of the University of Naples "Federico II", the Farmina Vet Life diets are developed following the most recent indications of the scientific community, without ever losing sight of nature, the founding principle of the Farmina philosophy.

The experience gained in the development of ideal nutritional strategies, appropriate to the physiology of dogs and cats, has allowed the Farmina Vet Research to formulate veterinary diets whose key points are:

Absence of artificial antioxidants, but onlyRichfish extracts in tocopherols, which allow a natural food conservation.

In diets that require it we use ancestral cereals aLow glycemic index 
Furthermore, Farmina Vet Life products are packaged inprotective atmosphere 

Respect for the basis of our scientific research 

All scientific research that have the Farm food as their object are carried out in full respect of animal welfare according toour dictates