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N&D Quinoa, a new functional line without cereals, to find well -being.
N&D QuinoaIt is the innovative line of functional foods created to support the well -being of dogs and cats with specific nutritional needs.
Free of cereals and with over 90% of animal proteins that come from innovative sources. With Quinoa, a precious ingredient with unique nutritional properties.
Because the quinoa?

  • It's not a cereal

  • Low glycemic index

  • Rich in essential amino acids

  • Much richer in nutrients compared to cereals

  • Contains natural antioxidants

  • Natural cultivation from organic agriculture in Italy

Natural cultivation
Being quinoa a naturally very resistant plant, its cultivation does not require particular treatments, which promotes greater healthiness.

High protein content
Quinoa is a food that perfectly marries the philosophy of Nutrition System for Carnivores, in fact it contains about 13% of proteins with high biological value with all essential amino acids in balanced proportions (very rare in the plant world).

High quality raw materials found at chosen suppliers in specialized countries
In Farmina we only use the best raw materials from selected partners in those countries which, for climatic and cultural conditions, specialize in their breeding and/or cultivation. This choice wanted to obtain foods with high biological value and of course rich in precious nutrients capable of making up for the needs of our four -legged family members.

 Natural & Delicious Quinoa, an innovative food with important technological qualities:
Vitamins of the highest quality: thanks to the Vacuum Coater, a unique technology that allows cold insertion of precious vitamins and their greater durability;
Packaged in a protective atmosphere: inside the sack, nitrogen is introduced (naturally present in the air) which replaces the oxygen responsible for oxidative processes. A technology widely used in human nutrition that allows you to preserve all nutritional qualities and have a fresh food as just produced.

A specific formula for the well -being of the urinary tract and prevent the urolitiases from lard
Main features: urinary pH regulator, reduced magnesium content, reduced protein tenors.
Lamb, quinoa, fennel, mint and artichoke

A highly digestible formula for the well -being of the intestine.
Main characteristics: high digestibility; low fat; high content of soluble fiber.

Skin & Coat
A specific formula for food intolerances, useful for restoring and maintaining the well -being of skin and hair.
Main characteristics: single source of animal proteins; reduced protein tenors; Omega 3 with anti -inflammatory effect. 

Weight Management
Useful for the restoration of the ideal weight and for its maintenance in subjects with a tendency to overweight.
Main characteristics: low fat content; high fiber content; low glycemic index.

Complete food for adult dogs