N&D Dog Quinoa Skin & Coat Argghe and Coconut

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N&D Dog Quinoa Skin & Coat

N&D Wet Food is the line of complete humid foods developed according to the nutritional philosophy Farmina: the Wet Nutrition System for Carnivores was born.
Many recipes for dogs and cats with very high quality ingredients, such as real cuts of meat, fish in slices, eggs, sweet potato and fruit in pieces that can also be enjoyed with the eyes. The careful selection of the best raw materials and the unique production technologies in the world made by Farmina allow not only to have foods with more meat and other tasty ingredients, but also to preserve humid foods N&D Prime, N&D Pumpkin and N&D Ocean in its sauce , without the addition of tires, guar, carragenin or other stabilizers. The result is a really genuine food, immediately ready.

Complete foods without artificial preservatives.
Innovative products, with specific nutritional characteristics, formulated without genetically modified ingredients, dyes and artificial preservatives.

Many high quality ingredients:
Italian high quality chicken raised outdoors. High quality Italian wild boar. High quality lamb from extensive farms. High quality quail bred on the ground. High quality deer. High quality duck raised on the ground. Whole eggs, from Italian farms. Fish, rich in omega-3. Biological quinoa from Italian crops. Pumpkin, rich in soluble fiber and without artificial preservatives. Fruit in pieces: rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Unlike many other products, foodsN & d are cooked only once a steam To best preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
N & d respects the environment Thanks to the use of an infinite recyclable box times.
To protect the well -being of your pet and the authenticity of the products, our boxesthey do not contain BPA.

Why a complete food?
Most of the damp foods on the market are lacking in precious elements necessary to satisfy all the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. For this reason they are defined as complementary and need to be integrated with further nutrients in order not to create deficiencies or imbalancesthat could be harmful for the health of the animal.
Farmina also wanted to maintain the nutritional excellence of N&D Dry Food in her range of humid foods by proposing a complete food, that is, containing all the elements and nutrients necessary for the daily wellness of our four -legged family members, allowing them to consume them exclusively.

Complete food for adult dogs.