N&D pumpkin grain free lamb and blueberry mini

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N&D Grain Free Pumpkin

A new Grain Free line: "N&D Pumpkin".
The carnivorous nature of our four -legged family members has always guided us in the development of scientifically studied foods, according to nature.
In fact, the dogs and cats in the natural state eat almost exclusively meat and do not need many carbohydrates. Faithful to this philosophy we have developed the innovative lineNatural & Delicious PumpkinA range of foodcereals proteins of animal origin and pumpkin, vegetable with large nutritional properties.

Why the pumpkin?
Pumpkin is a typical vegetable of the Italian food tradition that has unique nutritional characteristics:

  • Rich in soluble fiber which promotes the absorption of other nutrients and nourishes the intestinal flora
  • Rich in natural antioxidants
  • Low -calorie food (only 26 kcal per 100g) since it has a reduced quantity of carbohydrates and is almost fat
  • Contains minerals and fatty acids

Natural & Delicious Pumpkin, a food with unique technological qualities:
Vitamins of the highest quality: thanks to the Vacuum Coater, a unique technology that allows cold insertion of precious vitamins and their greater durability;

Packaged in a protective atmosphere: inside the sack, nitrogen is introduced (naturally present in the air) which replaces the oxygen responsible for oxidative processes. A technology widely used in human nutrition that allows you to preserve all nutritional qualities and have a fresh food as just produced.

Lamb, pumpkin and blueberry.

Complete food for small adult dogs