N & d ancestral cat chicken and pomegranate neuttered

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N & d ancestral cat chicken and pomegranate neuttered

Nutritional system for carnivores: scientifically studied, according to nature.
Years of scientific research in collaboration with the chair of nutrition and animal nutrition of the University of Naples Federico II led Farmina Vet Research to formulate a nutritional system dedicated to the nature of our four -legged family members: N&D Ancestral Grain, the system nutritional for carnivores with over 90% protein of high quality animal origin e Few ancestral cereals, spelled and oats

  • N & d ancestral grain ischaracterized by a low glycemic index,allows a modulated energy release during the day;
  • With natural antioxidants only, the extracts rich in tocopherols, for a natural conservation of the product;
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphereIn the packaging phase, inside the food bags, the nitrogen is introduced which is replaced by oxygen ensuring a natural conservation of the product.
  • Full of vitamins of the highest qualitywhich, thanks to the "cold" insertion, have greater effectiveness over time.