Edgard & Cooper Cat Salmon and Chicken

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Salmon and chicken with basil, dill and blueberries

Delicious cat food, naturally low -calorie, with fresh chicken and salmon meat.

This recipe is ideal for older cats (or diet cats). Chicken and salmon are rich in proteins and poor in calories, thus providing the ideal nourishment for less energetic cats. The salmon is rich in omega-3, useful for supporting the brain functions of less young cats. In addition, the blueberries contained in this recipe favor the health of the urinary tract, which can sometimes give problems to the older cats. Let's not forget that cats are carnivorous, which is why our recipes contain at least 60% of meat or fish. This recipe is suitable for sterilized cats.

We produce this recipe using a lot of fresh chicken and salmon meat. We cook our recipes on low heat, we never use meat or fish flour and nothing treaty, dehydrated or artificial. This not only makes our food even tastier, but also easier to digest. We enrich everything with a healthy mix of berries, herbs and flowers. To this cereal recipe we also add flax seed oil, a vegetarian source of omega-3. It also contains Taurina, an essential nutritional substance for the health of the heart and eyes of cats.