Edgard & Cooper Cat Biological Veal and Beef

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Biological veal & beef

Food for irresistibly tasty cats with so much fresh organic meat

Overflowing with beef and veal: perfect for cats with appetite. Cats are carnivorous, so we assure all our recipes contain at least 60% meat (or fish). However, from personal experience, we know that cats can also be very skimmer, which is why we add exquisite extras such as herbs, berries and flowers to tease their appetite and at the same time provide a further supply of minerals and vitamins. This recipe is suitable for sterilized cats.

This recipe contains a lot of beef and veal, organic and fresh: a real pleasure for our happy friends. As you will know, we never use meat flour and nothing treaty, dehydrated or artificial, making this product even easier to digest. We cook our foods over slowly to preserve the taste and nutritional properties of the ingredients as much as possible. We get the biological ingredients responsibly: in fact they come from farms where animals are protected from high standards of well -being. This cereal -free recipe contains Taurina, an essential nutritional substance for the health of the heart and eyes.