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Vectra Felis

Product used for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations in cats.

It also prevents flea eggs from hatching and their development in the cat's environment.

Vectra Felis is available as a spot-on solution in an applicator and can be obtained without a prescription. The content of an entire applicator of Vectra Felis should be applied directly to the skin at the base of the cat's head, after having separated the hair.

It is recommended to treat cats in the evening. After a single treatment, Vectra Felis prevents fleas for one month and blocks their proliferation, thus avoiding infestation in the cat's environment for three months.

The action of Vectra Felis is an ectoparasiticide: stop parasites present on the skin or in the fur of animals, such as fleas that feed on the skin.

The effectiveness of Vectra Felis against fleas has been examined in a large number of laboratory studies and in a field study.