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Frontline combo dogs

For owners of dogs and cats, the arrival of summer often also means the return of fleas, ticks and lice! These parasites not only cause itching, irritation and skin infections, but they can also transmit serious diseases. With the simple gesture of applying a pipette of FRONTLINE Combo, however, it is possible to simultaneously protect both the animals and the house they live in and at the same time prevent the risk of re-infestation. 2-in-1 action Eliminating only adult fleas with a product that does not eliminate eggs and larvae does not permanently solve the flea problem: as long as there are eggs and larvae in the house, the so-called "immature stages", new adult fleas can develop and jump on the animal, re-infesting it. Eliminate adult fleas, eggs and larvae at the same time? the only way to finally free your home and your pet from parasites and prevent further infestations. FRONTLINE Combo, thanks to the combination of its two active ingredients, acts on both adult fleas and immature stages.

Available in single pipette format for puppies or in 3 pipette formats to choose according to the weight of the animal.