Almo Nature HFC Natural Cat Made in Italy - Grid turkey

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HFC Natural Made in Italy
Grilled turkey
"HFC" "Made in Italy" ": flavor of Italy! Prepare with the best meat or the best HFC fish (i.e. originally suitable for human consumption and now used in these cat food), the humid recipes for HFC cats "" Made in Italy "" (produced in Italy) guarantee clear identification of the origin of the ingredients. And cats receive the best natural intake of animal proteins, essential for their biological and metabolic functions. Formulated without chemical preservatives, GMOs, food dyes, meat or fish flours and without cereals or gluten (depending on the recipe), the humid line for HFC cats "" Made in Italy "" offers a selection of specialties with exclusive combinations of Gourmet tastes, natural (natural) or gelatin (Jelly), to satisfy even the most splash palates! HFC Made in Italy - Complementary food for adult cats - a line of gourmet recipes in 70g cans.