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Acana Regionals - Grasslands

For all races and phases of life
Acana Grasslands is inspired by our vast meadows and north lakes, for this reason it contains fresh lamb, duck bred on the ground, whole eggs laid in nest, north -pike caught in nature and turkey bred on the ground in western Canada.

Very rich in regional ingredients that are delivered fresh or raw every day in the proportions of the whole prey (Wholeprey) by proposing the evolutionary diet of the dog, Acana Grasslands feed your dog naturally and in a complete way.

It's all about meat

How many animal ingredients?
Completely devoid of vegetable protein concentrates, Acana Grasslands is rich in animal ingredients at 70%.
How many fresh animal ingredients?
Half of the animal acana ingredients are fresh and half are dehydrated. Everyone is suitable for human consumption.
How many varieties of animal ingredients?

Acana Grasslands contains 5 varieties of animal ingredients present in the proportions of the whole prey (Wholeprey) which include animal ingredients, organs and cartilage.
Lamb raised to grass - meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from the local ranch.
Ground breeding duck - flesh, cartilage and liver from local farms.
Eggs laid in nest - whole and fresh from the prairie farms.
PLUCCI - Fresh and whole from the uncontaminated lakes of Canada.
Tacchino bred on the ground - meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms.

Only 3 supplements

Unlike common dog foods, rich and fresh animal inclusions with full prey (Wholeprey) of ACANA provide naturally essential nutrients, reducing the need to integrate long lists of synthetic additives.