Acana Dog - Puppy Large Breed

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Puppy Large Breed

For puppies that will weigh more than 25 kg as adults

The ideal diet for large -sized breeds puppies consists of a diet rich in animal ingredients and proteins, for the development of muscle mass, with a limited intake of carbohydrates and calories in order to maintain a balanced body weight and reduce the load on the bones and joints that are developing.

For this reason, Acana Puppy Large Breed is rich in chicken raised on the ground, a plates caught in nature and eggs laid in nest, delivered fresh and in the proportions of the whole prey (Wholeprey).

Without cereal and carbohydrates with rapid absorption such as rice, tapioca or potatoes, Acana is instead rich in meat proteins, to encourage the development and health conditions of the puppy to the maximum.

Produced in our award -winning kitchens using the best and freshest ingredients in Canada, biologically appropriate acana foods make sure that the puppy is healthy, cheerful and strong.

Produced in Canada - official import