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Prairie Pooltry

For all races and phases of life

Not only can dogs eat the same foods as their ancestors, but they actually need it to keep in full health.

Rich in nutrients protein of the meat, Acana Prairie Poultry contains chicken and turkey raised on the ground and eggs laid in nest, delivered fresh or raw every day in the proportions of the whole prey (Wholeprey) directly from local farms.

Without high glycemic carbohydrates, ACANA CLASSICS contains a low glycemic index, locally cultivated which favors the stability of blood sugar and optimal health conditions.

We prepare acana in our award -winning Northstar kitchens with fresh ingredients from trusted suppliers. We are convinced that you will appreciate acana products. But, more importantly, we think that your dog will appreciate them above all!

Modern dogs are made like their ancestors and we believe they should be fed in the same way. In nature there are no food supplements and both dogs and wolves satisfy their entire food needs by eating animals with whole prey; The muscles contain proteins; liver, kidneys and tripe provide vitamins and minerals; Bones and cartilage make football and phosphorus.

Produced in Canada - official import