National Shipping costs (Italy)

The standard shipment is free* starting from 69.01 euros net of all discounts, this means that if by applying a discount code the total of the trolley drops below 69.01 euros, shipping costs will be added.

Shipping costs are calculated as follows:

*In the case of purchase of some very voluminous products, the tariff of shipments is different due to the cost of the same.

Costs details:

to. Standard shipping packs with PV <30kg

Amount from: TO: COST
69,01€ upward FREE
55,01€ 69,00€ 5,90€
45,01€ 55,00€ 6,90€ 
0€ 45,00€ 7,90€


b. Standard shipping packs with pv> 31kg (e.g. large kennels, etc.)

Amount from: TO: COST
89,01 upward 4,90€
49,01€ 89,00€ 8,90€
0€ 49,00€ 11,90€  


Delivery appointment option

Petboutique also offers you the opportunity to choose an Express shipping service from 1 to 3 working days with the possibility of requesting changes on the date and place of delivery (provided in the same municipality).

The cost of the service is calculated as follows:

Amount from: TO: COST
89,01€ 5,90
59,01€ 89,00€ 7,90€
0€ 59,00€ 9,90€


When exceeding the thresholds indicated, the expenses are automatically recalculated

So that the delivery takes place without difficulty remember to:

  • Indicate the exact civic number and the specific zone cap (not the generic of the city)
  • indicate precisely the name or number shown on the home bell
  • If it is a job to indicate the company name
  • Indicate the phone number to which the recipient will receive all the information information and the request from the Corriere della personalization of the date and time of delivery

Discover the notification service before delivery (Pre-Delivery Message)


-Spedations forCalabria, Sicily and Sardinia and for disadvantaged areas: Some Caps are notoriously difficult to reach by geographical limitation and/or for access restrictions. In these cases, couriers apply particular rates that do not fall within the ordinary tariff plan.The cost difference is the Petboutique pay.

The customer will be applied to the normal shipping rate for all of Italy.


- For shipments weighing more than 50 kg, shipping (courier limits) cannot be an express shipping, but it must be organized ad hoc with the support of customer service.

- The request of the Piano delivery It is an optional service, that if requested a supplement of € 6.00 +VAT. Normally the carriers carry out the service at the customer's request without noting notice to the sender. Then the request for payment of the service will take place in the 30 days following the delivery of the package.

The additional costs of the couriers' services are applied to all orders regardless of the amount of the purchase made.

The orders, subject to verification of the availability of the goods and collection of the authorized amount, will be entrusted to the courier within the working day, if the workput reaches our systems by 13.00, while beyond this time it is delivered to the carrier to slip per day following.

The courier in turn undertakes to carry out the delivery within 24/48 working hours from the time of withdrawal or on the first day available.

The delivery times provided for islands and disadvantaged areas can increase by 24/48 working hours.

European shipping costs
(European countries without customs excluding Switzerland and UK)

from 0 to 5.0 kg 9,90€
from 5.01 to 10 kg 13,90€
from 10.01 to 20 kg 15,90€
from 20.01 to 30 kg 33,00€
from 30.01 to 40 kg 40,90€
from 40.01 to 50 kg 45,90€
from 50.01 to 70 kg 75,00€


Tracking order

You can follow the shipment by clicking on the shipping link received via email on the day of the shipment. There is no need to insert any data.

Our Customer Service is always available: via phone, SMS, WhatsApp at +39 388 077 2066 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00, or by email to

If the recipient is absent from the first delivery attempt, the courier tries to deliver the goods a second time.

If the delivery does not take place again, the courier opens a practice practice and communicates the situation to Paco

If the recipient finds a failure of non -delivery left by the courier, he must take care to follow the instructions on the notice.

Information on Shipping and deliveries Operations: (Covid-19 emergency and holidays)

We entrust the shipments of orders to couriers in the declared times, however following the current limitations, shipments may undergo delays. The current health regulations to contain the risks of contagion and therefore limit interpersonal contacts as much as possible can also be withdrawn as much as possible without the obligation of the signature for acceptance.